Oct 11
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Man and Wife

I hate arguing with you.

Many times when we fight
It’s loud 
And balky.
And my words 
Curl inwards
as my breath shortens 
And my chest gets tight.
My fingernails
Dig into the palms
Of my hands.
You don’t agree with me 
And I don’t agree with you.

I sometimes say things
I don’t mean.
You do too. 
I know you do. 
But we still say them of course.
We still tackle words
Playing around with them
Like toys
Waiting for the winner
Of whose right. 
And all you do of course
Is play with the loose thread
On your work jeans.
Eyes outlining the shadows
Of my figure
You can’t even 
Look at me.
Your eyelashes
Fluttering as you blink
Soft as butter.     

The arguing 
Could result in tears.
It could result in leaving.
It could result in even more arguing.
But it’s love.

Some people would do anything for love.

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