Oct 11
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My feet were snatched out from under me and I went down. The twisting roots of the ancient oak trees had wrapped themselves around my tired legs, sending me straight to the wet ground. Mud covered the front of my body from head to toe, leaving me with the smell of earth seemingly imbedded into my natural scent. Laughter chimed behind me and I couldn’t hold mine back either. I sat on my hands and knees, practically gasping for air from laughing so hard, while mud slowly slid down my body and back into the cold earth. From behind me soft, twinkling lights dancing around me, echoing back their own laughter. My wheezing breaths and their wind chime esc sounds melded together to form an ancient song. A song that many claim to be long forgotten, but is actually always surrounding us in various forms. From the youthful voices of children, to the giggles of mischievous fairies. 

I stood up from the ground, still chuckling as I did, and turned to face my hovering companions. They were clutching their tiny, flower sized bodies and shaking so badly that I feared they would fall out of the air. Their bodies glowed stronger and stronger with each bout of laughter, each light a different color. I gently picked them up into my hands with a fond smile.

“Come on you guys, let’s continue.” I commanded mockingly, which only sent them into another fit of laughter. I shook my head at them and continued on the muddy path, taking special care to avoid any more of mother nature’s playful pranks.

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