Oct 11
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The girl on the bus

Every morning 

I jump on the bus.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed,

So awake and ready for the day.

Wishing everybody good mornings,

And asking a million questions,

I Wonder why no one else 

Is as happy as I am.
I look around...

The freshman boy asleep on his trumpet,

The senior girl putting on pounds of makeup,

And the new girl with pink hair blaring music. 

The loud thumping in her ears 

makes me stare and scrunch my nose.
Why is everyone in such a bad mood?

Acting as if the bus headed to school 

Isn't something that makes everyone's day

A whole lot better 
The weather is spontaneous,

The sun is out

Smell of morning dew floods my nose 

It's 7 oclock,

We should all be jumping for joy.

Everyone stares at me though

Like i'm weird for being so happy, 

But happy I am.

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