Oct 11
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    My parents and I arrive in Albany, Vermont after a long boring drive. We get to my grandparents house and start to unload our bags. But as I step out of the car it’s like a huge dark cloud has settled over me. I turn to the right, towards the neighbors, and see this large estate with an ancient house. It gives me the chills. I don’t know if it’s the black chipping paint, the ramshackled boarded up windows, or the holes in the roof. “Cora. Cora!” I must have spaced out because my mom has been yelling to get my attention. I mumble something in return and bring my bags into the house. I love my grandparents, but I’d rather be spending my Christmas in Morocco with Jess, than be stuck here with a bunch of old people. The house even smells like old people. I pick out my room upstairs and sit around for a couple hours until I hear that dinner’s ready. 

    After dinner my family wants to play a lame board game and I’m forced into it. When it’s not my turn I find myself gazing out the window looking at the creepy house. What happened there? When the game is finished I head upstairs and get on my laptop. I search the address and find out that an old family used to own the estate. A man known as William Henry Hayden purchased the land and moved his family there in the 1800’s. He borrowed money from his mother-in-law Mercie, Will never paid her back. He found himself in need of more money, but Mercie refused. She soon moved away, and shortly fell ill. She then accused Will of poisoning her. On her deathbed she uttered these famous last words “‘The Hayden name shall die in the third generation and the last to bear the name shall die in poverty.’” That’s exactly what happened, and now the house is known to be haunted. Great as if my vacation couldn’t get any worse. I’m living next to a haunted house and I have to spend a week with my family. I continue reading and soon fall asleep. 
I jolt awake. Bang. Bang. Bang. there’s something outside. I walk over to the window, and prepare to move the blinds. Bang. Bang. Bang. I move the blind, and there’s a bird banging against the window, a little robin. The robin continues to bang, and the pane cracks, the bird continues. The glass shatters, and in enters the robin. It flies around the room for a little bit as I try to sweep it out the window. Then it just stops in mid-air, it’s wings aren’t even moving. It’s frozen in time. I walk over to the bird while it’s suspended in the air. Then it opens its beak,hundreds of black tentacles fling out of its mouth. I fling back onto my bed. Out of the robin’s mouth crawls this large black, thing. It has a human head but the body of a spider, with long pointed legs. It has no eyes and is covered in slime. The thing opens its mouth revealing long sharp pointed teeth, and a long blood red tongue. I scream as loud as I can and wonder why no one is coming to help me. The door flings open, slamming into the wall. In walks the Hayden family, but they aren’t alive. They all surround me pushing me into the corner. I am screaming and crying, then things go black. 

I sit up in bed still screaming and crying. My mom is there and she hugs me while I cry. After I calm down I look around, I’m not in Albany I’m in my own room, and it was all a dream. 

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