Oct 11

making a film: props (part one)

hazel's house is almost fully cast, but for one ghost and a few people who haven't confirmed. costumes for all but a few of the characters have been purchased. shooting locations are starting to become a concern, order of filming is on my mind, and we have met with one of our actors and have a plan ot meet with another already. i've made a few minor changes to the script so it can be shot with the cast we have. so in the meantime there's only one thing to do that i take care of: props.
one thing i knew immediately we would need was a lot of blood. luckily my friend devin, for some godforsaken reason, had eighteen ounces of the stuff (fake, obviously) lying around, and they were more than happy to give it to me. a trip to walgreens provided the cobwebs necessary, maggie had headphones lying around and wigs have yet to be ordered but my desk was already becoming crowded, between the shoes and the wig and the multiple packs of cobwebs so i cleared out my drawers and stowed them away neatly, throwing a way a good deal of things i had kept around out of nostalgia or not knowing how to dispose of it for years. it was strange to look over and see what i prioritized and try and remember why.
anyways. the props are organized. tomorrow or the day after i go shopping for more. this whole process is starting to feel wonderfully and uncomfortably real. 

i'm mildly ashamed that i've reached this level of seniority on the site and still don't know how to rotate my photos, but... i don't. know. i didn't realize that they would be upside down.