Oct 11
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    It’s Halloween night, as I walked past the creepy house, on the corner of my street. People said that a man died in that house, in the late 90s. 

    “Go inside,” said the ninja standing next to me, “go in and I’ll all my candy.” This was a very good offer because it just so happens that this kid went to all the rich people's houses then came to this house to make the same deal. 

    “Ok” I say stepping up to go inside. Inside the house there was nothing wrong with it. It was just an ordinary house that could use a little work. I was there for about fifteen minutes. When I came out the ninja handed over all the full sized candy bars. 

    So now every summer I work on the house and then on Halloween I have a big party and that kid is dumb and gives his candy to the first kid who went in the house.
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