Oct 12
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The Dead Zone

    It was a late night driving home, when the check engine light on my car started flickering. Unfortunately, I was in a dead zone, therefore unable to call for help. I waited for a while to see if someone would pass by. After about an hour of waiting, I lost my patience and started walking towards the closest town, 7 miles East. I brought my backpack, held onto my flashlight and hoped I’d be there soon or would be able to get a ride. Thirty or so minutes into the walk, I started getting freaked out. Nothing in particular has happened, however after a bit of time in the dark night surrounded by simply your thoughts, you tend to overthink things. The temperature started to drop, and the hairs on my neck begin to rise. I had been walking for quite awhile now, and I should have been arriving shortly. 

    In reality, I would not be going back to civilization for quite some time. Not only was this area of woods a dead zone for phones, it also was never ending. There was no town 7 miles East. After a day of being in the woods, I started to get worried simply because I had no food or water. While thinking about this, I hear something in the bushes. I see red eyes, and it turns out I am not alone in these continuous woods. These woods haunt me, and so will the red eyes.

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