Oct 12

Almost Perfect Day

Today is just one of those days.
Where the sky is really truly blue,
And the clouds are the kind you want to sleep on.
The leaves are dead,
But they make us all happy by skipping on sidewalks,
Piling up for us to scuff through.
And it's chilly,
But it's really just a good excuse to wear a light jacket and a scarf.
And all the music you hear,
Is the perfect feeling for a perfect day.
And your outfit is perfect,
And you didn't have to try hard to put it together.
And today obviously isn't a perfect day,
Because perfect is never fun.
But it is very close.
I'm going to take advantage of this almost perfect day,
And try to be happy all day.
So people will feel like I've been almost perfect today too.
And everything will be almost perfect.