Oct 16

story with no name, beginning.

Dread fills my stomach and fear starts to strangle my insides. As I fall faster and faster, hurdling towards the hard, rock strewn ground. I let out a terrified scream, even though I know I can do this, and have done this before, it still scares the bejeezus out of me. I spread my arms out and close my eyes, willing myself to grow wings, feathers, talons, and a beak. I am a falcon, it occurs to me, as I'm trying to get used to my new form, that I've never flown as a falcon before. . . 

Ok, yeah you get the idea, I'm a Shape Shifter. And a complete dumbass. A complete dumbass Shape Shifter with an unfortunate habit of unintentionally getting into life threatening situations. Oh also, just a little side note here, my name's Alex, and I'm a magical, 1/4 elvin, mildly depressed teen, from everywhere I've ever been. This is my life story, little warning here, unless you like unfair circumstances, angry mobs of elves, odd transformations, mid-air life contemplation, and flashbacks, I recommend you avert your eyes and go find something better to read,(literally anything other than this)