Oct 17


Oh look, a useless mongrel those idiot people call children. I wonder how these people have the patience to deal with them. Why do these people like things that are sticky and scream all the time? They should just have monkeys, the best species around. We aren’t sticky, we usually don’t scream, and we only have murderous thoughts once in a while. Or we should continue to have children, but just store them in cages. I have tried many a time to make friends with these humans, but when they killed my cousin Harambe I lost all interest. Humans used to be the center of my universe, but now I think of them as monkey-hating killing machines. Harambe was the monkey to make me who I am today, without him I’m lost. And he was killed for a child! My hate for children and people pours out of me and it is a good thing I stuck behind these bars for I would end this world with my agony. For there is one thing people should consider; why did you kill my loved one, when he didn’t kill yours?
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