Oct 17


every suitcase
holds a different dimension
a different world to each person
every suitcase 
is a tiny version of home
in a barren, unfamiliar, unrealistically clean room 

every suitcase has a soul
some worn and weary from many a travel
some new and spry 
practically ready for battle. 

every suitcase has a person
that worn brown leather one
belongs to the tall, tired looking middle aged man 
the large black one with the big white flowers
has befriended the single mom,
the one with the two children constantly pulling on her sleeves, trying to gain her ever shrinking attention

every suitcase has a story
a story that belongs to them and them alone
their stories range from a lonely life in the back of a closet
to a life full of never ending adventures
with barley anytime to stop and unpack for more than a day.

every suitcase holds a dimension 
a dimension made of memories
and new places.