Oct 18
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Winter Fun

Winter is my favorite time of the year because of the magic it brings. You wake up in the morning with the frost on your window from the cold night before, the sun shining brightly in you face. I eat your breakfast and rush outside to greet the cold, chilly air excited for the day to begin. You pick up some of the fluffy flakes of snow from the ground and start to turn it into a ball forming the base of a snowman. After all morning of playing in the snow your mother alls you in for lunch. After lunch you head back outside to play and then before you know it it is time for dinner. After feeling full from dinner and exhausted from being outside all day you sit down on the couch and watch a Hallmark movie. After the movie and the sky has turned black you hurry and put on all of your winter stuff and run outside with your mother. You grab your sled from the side of the house and together you run to the top of the hill behind your house. It is dark and the snow falling gently in your face as you both slide down the hill. You get this feeling of excitement as you fall down the hill faster and faster without seeing a single thing and only feeling the snow whipping around you like you are in a snowglobe. 

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