Oct 18
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The Beauty of Winter

Winter is more than just building snowmen outside.

It’s more than frothy cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows floating on top

And red-tip noses from the brisk winds outside.

We often times forget winter is a resting period for nature around us.

Trees shed their leaves,

Animals hibernate beneath our feet,

And colors give away to duller tones.

We may be trekking on sluggish snow while wearing our boots

Wondering why today doesn’t look like a winter wonderland

But just remember that nature is resetting itself for success.

So when springtime comes around, you’ll see how truly stunning it is when nature flourishes.

That’s the real beauty of winter.

Resting, resetting, and preparing.

So when things get rough around the patches

Or a storm is brewing in,

Lay back for awhile and go about it one step at a time.

Just like winter does every year.

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