Oct 18
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Lifeless winter

Winter is not about doing basic things like building snowmen with your friends or sipping hot chocolate by an open fire. Winter is about the simple things you can enjoy, like admiring that perfect little flake of snow that landed on your hand and watching it slowly melt away until it’s just a tiny water droplet slithering its way down your hand. Or when you are waiting for the school bus and you take a long breath of fresh crisp air and exhale to see the beautiful hazy white veil of your carbon dioxide slowly appear in front of you. Watching your favorite maple tree that is at the center of your back yard lose it’s very last vivid red leaf, then looking around to realize that all of the beautiful reds and oranges and yellows are gone, only to be replaced by the blinding white blanket of snow that stretches as far as the eye can see. When you are watching all of the conifer trees slowly grow and inevitably make their way to a nice family’s home to be decorated with bulbs and tinsel for the holiday season.

 At the end of every beautiful day you sit and listen to the earth, and you hear nothing but the sound of your own chest rising and falling. You look and you can only see the white blanket of snow covering the ground, masking all of the creatures that are in hibernation. The world is peaceful with everything at rest, taking a break after the long year. When spring rolls around you will get back the lively vibrant world you have always known. But until then you only have the sweet silence of the dead lifeless winter.