Oct 18

My Winter

The final leaves falling from the trees 
It’s amazing how happy someone can get 
With this strong winter breeze 

Feeling like a dragon
When you can see your breath 
Watching out for black ice
And avoiding imminent death 

The snow sparkling
With the shine of the sun 
I enjoy these mornings 
With a tasty Cinnabon 

Nights to spend with family 
Playing board games
Noticing the wood in your fireplace
Become engulfed in flames

Watching your dog 
Trot in the snow 
Her coming inside
With snow melting off her nose

These are the days I love the most 
Drinking too much eggnog 
And listening to the Christmas dinner toast

I look forward to
looking out my window, eyes in agaize 
Waiting for the snowflakes 
And the shortening fall days