Oct 21
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It had been a long time, but he was here

The handsome stranger

Smiling and waving,

Like nothing happened.

He whispered

“In my kingdom,

Even the most unwanted children are loved.”

He sat beside me

On the worn down cushions of

The blue couch.

“The adults on the green lawn are mean.”

He stated.

“In my palace, you could escape them with ease.”

He leaned against me

Smelling of mold and age and blood

Being the pristine and clean boy he was.

“If want to visit the world,”

He reasoned,

“You can go anywhere you want

At the slightest inclination

The smallest thought.”

I sighed

And then.

I smiled.

I pushed him away,

Flicked his forehead,

And laughed.

He gave me the look

The puppy eyes look,

And I laughed harder.

He huffed

And left.

I don’t see what is so daring

So bold

So different about

Laughing in the

Face of