Oct 21
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Did you know that monsters are real? Oh yes child, they are very real. No child, those adults are very wrong. Under your bed? Well not anymore, they moved just last week to your closet. Wait a minute, why in the world would they eat you? That’s not what all monsters do. Who told you this nonsense? My goodness, I’ll just have to start from the beginning.
The first and most common type of monsters are known as mind monsters. They are the whispers telling you to steal that cookie. They are the hands who flick the lights on and off. They are the demons who tell you terrible things. For what they feed off of is lies and deception and hatred and evil. No sweetie, I’m not that type of monster. How you know is the fact that I have a Shape. Mind monsters don’t get a Shape.
One of the most respected bloods are called Timor monsters. No, you don’t want to meet them sweets, you want to run from them. In latin, timor means The fear. It’s because they devour fear. And goodness, they so love little kiddies like you. Why? It’s because adult fear is so layered. A child’s fear- well, there’s nothing like it. It’s total. Absolute. Pure. Silly child. You would know if they were hiding under your bed. Of course I’m not one of them. I have a Voice. They have no Voice to call their own. Yes dear, it is very sad.
The next breed is named Τρώγων monsters. Child, Τρώγων means eater. They are the ones who eat kids foolish enough to listen to them. No, if they just ate kids willy-nilly, they would get caught in a heartbeat. When they eat kids, it is because they are about to die some other way. The kids are usually about to become sick. It is rather scary isn’t it? 
But if it makes you feel better, while the Τρώγων monsters finish the children quickly, disease makes the death horribly long. You could call the Τρώγων breed the most merciful of all of us. The Τρώγων breed has no Mind. Because of this, they are below the rest. I suggest avoid the topic of type when talking to monsters in general. Yes sweets. That is the saddest part of the Τρώγων. Mindless creatures they are, my Mind makes me better than them.
The last species of monster has too many names to count. It is the species of royalty. They even have a sub species, but we will get into that later. This species get to change their Shape and fiddle with their Voice and work with their Mind. Yes. I am one of them. One of their names is “Griffin”. Another “Troll”. A favorite is “Dragon” and the most hated is “Fairy”.The true name of my race is Horrenda و πονηριά evil. It means Feared and Cunning evil. Yes, the true name is made of four languages. What a smart child you are. 
Why am I here? Don’t you remember me? Ah- It’s been too long. Well, I’ll tell it to you straight. You are alone. That means nobody will miss you. You are smart, so we can have fun. You are all the good things the world needs. It is sad though. Tomorrow you will die. Tomorrow I need to have a smart child like you sweets. A long time ago we had a deal. I promised a life, you promised something Great.
You can stay here, if you wish. It is your choice after all, sweets. You want to come? Good! Let us go then!