Alive at last

I feel alive when I'm riding my horse. That feeling when there is nothing in my way. Nothing holding me back. The cold breeze against my face as we run through an open field. The smell of horse filling the air. The clip clop sound of four sturdy hooves stomping down the main road. Peaceful rides through the nearby woods with friends that clear my head. The sound of small birds tweeting in the trees and the other horses calling from back home.

I feel alive when I step out the front door and the cold fall breeze brushes against my face. The colorful bright red, yellow, and orange leaves falling to the ground from the mighty trees above. The loud crackling of the old fallen leaves beneath my feet. When I hear the animals calling from the barn down the drive. Their thick fur coats starting to grow in for the cold winter that awaits.'s picture
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Rylee McLam
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