Oct 23
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My perfect day (and another hour)

It doesn't need to be a clear day.
The rainy-mist sets a poetic shell around my day.
That book that I have been dying to finish is already triumphantly tucked back in the bookcase.
Writing flows with inspirartion and a thrill in my blood. 
Laughter is found with every familar person and place in my life.
Music in my head matches the dances I do 
in front of my audience of the rain and on my stage of the 
empty park.
I come home, frizzy hair and 
a breathless smile,
but that doesn't stop me from going to another
park under the subway overcross 
with a football, roller skates and a basketball.
I come home, bruises and
a bent smile.
But I'm not weary.
My family and I stay up until 11:00 
watching Queer Eye episodes.
And my sister and I giggle until 1:00. 
(Still technically the next day, but if it is perfect, 
there is no harm in another hour.)