Oct 23
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I Feel Alive

I feel alive when I can feel the wind blowing through my hair. When I can hear the birds chirping and the streams running. I feel alive when I see all the leaves changing color around me, a way of nature telling us that winter is on its way. I feel alive when I can look into the sky, and see nothing, but everything at the same time. When I hear all of the progress that is being made in the world. I feel alive when I can look at the ocean, and see nothing but what lies beneath it.

I feel alive when I don't feel the wind of cars rushing by me. When I’m not hearing the sound of trucks honking their horns, as if it will make people go any faster. I feel alive when I don't see all the forest’s turning into wildfires, where they will never be able to warn of winter coming again. I feel alive when I don't look into the sky and see only the smoke and gas going into the sky, destroying the one thing that keeps us from frying like an egg. When I don't hear on the news all the riots and mayhem going on in the world, how people are being harmed while I am doing nothing about it. I don't feel alive when I look into the ocean and all I can see is a blanket for trash covering its surface.

I feel alive.
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