Oct 23
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The life we live

    The early morning sun rose from the horizon, passing over the crashing waves as they settled onto the cold morning sand. Few birds filled the skies and the clouds spread like a painting. The gentle breeze picked up across the sand, dust flying up onto the beach coating the high grass upshore. My hand slid across the sand, stretching far to wake my body. A chill crawled down my spine as a gust of cool morning air touched my bare back, slightly coated with packed sand. The glare of the sun’s rays peeked through the waves, igniting the world around me as a smile spread across my face, the familiar smell of salt touching my nose. The lines of sun coated the ground in long strips, traveling on past the dunes to the west, farther than the human eye could see. The sun-kissed sky gleamed like a swirl of colors, ones from a dream come true, for a second, all I could do was stare.
    The cold lead touched the page, the familiar creak of the pencil sliding into place as the sky illuminated the page. The cold spirals of wire bound the book, coated in morning sand and weeds, a courtesy of the sand lords. Stroke after stroke, the lead formed lines, then pictures of love, patience, kindness, fear, death, all slowly wraping a story onto the page. Page after page they flipped, silence filled the world, as all the puzzles fit together through each picture made.
    The sun-kissed sky slowly turning to a deep blue, then to a shades of dark purples. Nothing mattered in those moments, the wind whipped my hair, the gentle starlight starting to shine, a light bright with the hue of a soul drifting. The kiss of the light slid across my skin, passed the page of drawings, onto the cool ground. The breeze slowed, turning into a gentle gush against my body. My bones slowing, my mind softening, loss for words arising. The sun-kissed sky never returned to see the whites of my eyes as darkness passed through the sky, slowly drifting into my heart, the old flame extinguishing once and for all.
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