Oct 24
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I Feel Most Alive When...

I feel most alive when I am in front of an audience, all focused on me

When I am dancing, each limb’s movement perfectly coordinated

When I am drumming my heart out to a fast paced song

When I am cruising down a mountain on my snowboard through fresh powder

When I am standing in some of the world's most naturally beautiful places

When I am positioned on the edge of a cliff ready to backflip into the water below

When I am backstage about to step out from behind the curtains for the first time during a play
I feel most alive when I am about to try something for the very first time

When I am about to score a goal or win a race

When I crack a joke and everyone laughs

When I am the center of attention

When I see all A’s on my report card

When I am with friends and family

When I am outside of my comfort zone

I feel most alive when I do what I love


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