Oct 24
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Perfect Day

Today was my kind of day, let me tell you all about it. I woke up this morning feeling well rested and I had no trouble getting out of bed. As I got dressed I felt very confident and I was ready to start my day. I got onto the bus and listened to all of my favorite songs on the way to school. When I got to school I had 15 minutes to socialize with my best friends, making this day even better. The first bell rang so I headed into history class where I didn’t have to do anything because I had already completed my work the day before. After that, I headed to spanish class, my favorite class. I love spanish class because it is very fun to communicate using a new language. After that is english class, where we’re writing essays. Next is health, talking about how to stay healthy. Then it’s lunch, my favorite time of the day especially since today I have a bologna sandwich. After stuffing myself full of food during lunch off I go to science class, where we’re doing a project for the end of the quarter. After that is study hall where I get to socialize with my friends because I have no work to do. Then lastly is math class, where we are doing easy review. After all of this I pop my headphones in and get on the bus to go home.

By the time I get home off of the bus I am super hungry because it’s been 3 hours since I last ate something. I get the yummy snack of chips and salsa which fills me right up and leaves me with a slight spicy taste in my mouth. After this I do my homework, which is only reading. Then I go on my phone and talk to my friends for a little bit, and checking my social media. After this I play on my electronics until my parents get home from work to cook dinner. Once dinner is cooked and we’ve all eaten, all 5 of us have a nice conversation that usually lasts until 8 o’clock and then I get ready for bed, say goodnight to everyone, and go to sleep to hopefully have another day like this one again tomorrow.