Oct 24
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Crystal of the wood

             Running out of the forest I saw daylight for the first time in days. Id been stuck in that wood for what felt like forever, the gloomy light had messed with my eyes now I mostly blinded as I run out into the field and down to the river. The creatures that had lured us into the forest were sure to still be on our trail hunting us down.  About a minute later I saw Rob running out of the forest clutching the thing in his hand. He yelled “hey where are you!”. I yelled back come down to the river!”. As he slid down the hill I asked “Are they still following you?” he replied between panting “yeah of course they are why would the things stop”. “How far behind you are they” I don't Know maybe 5 hours if were lucky” Oh great well let's get across the river shall we”.
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