Oct 24
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    I feel alive when getting off that chair. Listening to the crunch and swish of the snow under my weight. Looking for stragglers ahead of me then, avoiding them. Gliding to the overlook and taking in the beauty of the resort and parking with the white-crested mountains in the background. Then taking my helmet, gloves, and facemask off to snag a quick picture. The act of putting back on my things are cooling and warm. My body now warming and working extra hard to get me rid of the cold. Then leaving down the easy path towards the advanced side. Making it to the hard run and recuperating with my father. Planning ahead our run and where we should meet. Finally, I get to push off and take the run. My dad on my behind hard, I take the path to the woodland area. Jump over this branch, duck that tree, weave around here and there. Then the little trail ends and I have to improvise and find the best way out. Wshh. Right out of the woods. Back to my father and almost done with the run. Pass the old man and to the lodge. Finally back to the lift and we take our skis off.
    The decision to head it inside is made, I’m ok with it. We head to the pub and order some food. We talk about that last hard run, the time we leave is brought up. All I can think about is getting in more. So we eat hard and fast and rush outside for one last run. Back to the top we head the sun in my eyes as I look below at the learners getting packed up. I decide this one is going to be a hard fast run. We get to the top and weave through the standing drinkers and take this last run fast. The cold air finding my hair through my goggles. I race down the mountain even more. Pushing every limit, my legs and knees sore but I could care less. I need to make this last one worth it. At the bottom of the hill my body sore as it becomes alive.
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