Oct 24
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         As I looked at this human in front of me I was wondering what they were doing and what were they wearing. This human was sitting there on this big rock. He had this bag thing that seemed like it was filled with food. I took a long look at this human and was wondering why they had all this stuff on them. This human seems very stupid and useless. I kept looking at them and they pulled these black things they put on their eyes. I was confused, can’t they see perfectly fine without those black things. 

A while went by since they moved again. I started to go back and get food for my family. Right before I turned they pulled a banana out of their magical bag. I thought to myself that instead of going to find food I could take theirs. I started very slowly to get close. 

While I was getting closer I thought that this would be so easy because these worthless humans do not seem very smart. I got right up to their feet and stared into their eyes telling them without yelling that I am the boss. They did nothing, they just sat there like I just did not tell them that I would hurt them if they did not move. I remembered the story that my father told me when I was younger that humans will kill anything that seems scary. I had no choice because this human with weird things all over him was not making any sense in what he was doing. 

I reached for his bag and before I knew it he pulled something out and the next thing I know is I am on the ground dead. I thought to myself to get up and attack the human but then I knew that they have a purpose.

So I just grabbed their bag and found a banana and ate it. Before I knew it I was dead. When it turned pitch black and scary. Now all the monkeys know that humans are mean two-legged creatures that don’t care about a thing, not even if a monkey wants a banana. 
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