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The Village And The Giant

I don’t like going there, I wish I never went. This is my story. Hello, I bet you are wondering what in the world I am talking about. How can I trust you? You could be one of them. Ugh fine, I will let you read what I have to say, “but if I get hurt, that is your fault!”  You’re probably wondering, “Lady what are you talking about!? Do you need help?” And my answer yes I am a little crazy, but I’m telling the truth. You see there is a giant up on this mountain, and he can be very helpful to me, but he will get really mad if I interrupt him while he is working. But let's stop blabbering and get on with this. “Come on!” I just stopped there in awe, what does this lady want!? Oh and I’m sorry reader, you must have thought this was in the crazy Lady’s perspective but it is in mine. By the way, my name is Kit. And Crazy Lady is writing this with me. “Hey! You know my name is” ''Shhh, no one has to know.” Lets get on with this story.
I don’t know why I am following this lady, I just am. Do I think this will turn out bad? YES, of course I do! But I am still doing this. I just walked very slowly behind her. Then a lot of questions popped into my head like, “Am I going to die?” Can I trust you?” “ Are you sure you aren’t completely crazy?”  “ What do you need the giant for?“ Oh boy this isn't it good.” I thought I said that in my head but then I heard Crazy Lady say, “ You know I can hear you ding-dong! If you want to live, corporate!” I’ve been so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that we were in the woods. There was very tall trees and people in them!? “What, the what!?” “ Be quite weird human. You don’t want to wake them.” “What are they?” I asked. “They are the villagers, this is there nap time, they will go physco if you even make the slightest sound.” Gulp. “Shhhh!” “Sorry!” I thought I was taking careful steps but apparently I wasn’t. And the next thing I knew was that we were running for our lives.
“I gave you simple rules! And you still messed up! Dude, Really!” “I’m sorry.” I said with a shaky voice. “Just shut up and keep running kid!” Jeesh, she's rude. Maybe when we find a safe spot to catch our breath I will just run away, Yeah! Thats sound like a great plan! Now let's just get to a better part. We finally made it after twenty more minutes of running. Then we started to make camp. “ You know kid, that I would be better off without you slowing me down, I would probably be where the giant is now if it wasn’t for you!” Wow this is a lot easier than I thought, I can just leave without having to sneak off! I thought. “ Fine if I am such a burden to you I will just leave.” “Sigh.” So I started skipping off. Then I felt a rope tie around me!
“Where do you think you are going!?” I heard the Crazy Lady Scream. “ We’ve made it too far for you to back out now!” She yelled. With my head dropping I turned around and walked very slowly back to her. “I thought that I was too much of a burden to you that I would have to leave.” “Come here kid, sit down and listen to what I have to say.” I listened to her command  and sat down on the soft grass. “Listen here kid, I know that I can be a little insane and stuff,” “You think!?” I said. “ Now don’t interrupt me, I’m trying to be nice to here. Just listen!” Fine I said. “Now where was I? Oh yes, I’m sorry that I might seem too harsh but I don’t do that on purpose. You see I’m doing this to protect you, I have no one that is like family. No one likes me, I just want to make sure that you won’t die or leave me.” “Oh.” That was all that is said. I’m not used to her being all “deep, and nice.” “Really that's all you have to say? Oh!?” “ Haha now thats the Crazy Lady I know.” I said with a grin. “Don’t worry Crazy Lady, nothing bad will happen to me I will always stay with you. You are stuck with me for the rest of time even!” “You promise?” She said with a small voice. “Promise.” I stuck out my hand at she took it. 
I never thought that I would be still continuing this with Crazy Lady, should I even call her that anymore? I mean she's been nice, so I guess I could try to call her something else. “Hey Adventure…..Person!” “What did you just call me!” said possibly now Adventure Person. “Don’t you like that name? I think it's an improvement!” “ No it isn’t.” She said with a cold tone. “Okay, I guess I will stick to Crazy Lady then.” “Good.” What? She likes the name Crazy Lady? YAY!!! I’ve been so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that we came to a halt in a plain full of flowers, and twigs. “You always don’t realize when something important is happening, huh?” “No I guess not.” I said embarrassed. “Well if you listened to me you would know that I said we are here.” “What we are here already? We are where the Giant is?” “Yup!” Oh wow I do miss out on the important things. 
“What is our plan?” “What do you mean?” “We have a plan, RIGHT!?” I said angrily. “NOPE!” Oh my goodness, this is the end of me. “So you think that I am fine with this, and we will stay alive and…” “SHHHHH!!!” I shot Crazy Lady an annoyed look so she knows I’m upset. For awhile we just communicated through facial expressions. It was weird. Crazy Lady told me to just stay here and be quiet. So I did that, but got bored real quick and decided to go see what was going on. When I got up I yelled out, “ HEY, I’M BORED CAN I JOIN YOU!?” At that exact moment I knew I really messed up things this time. Crazy Lady was just about to grab something out of the Giants hand while he was sleeping, I now I just ruined everything and the Giant is awake! “I’m Sorry!” I said all I heard Crazy Lady say was, “UGH!” Whoops, hehe! You probably want some action to happen right now, so I will give you some action! The Giant was swinging and flailing his arms all around! It was so epic! We were like, AHH, and the Giant was like, OHHHH! I was awesome!! “ That did not happen at all, the Giant just past out.” “You’re no fun.” I said with my arms crossed. Let's get back to the story now.  
Even though those epic fighting scenes were made up, it was still hard to get a page out of the Giants’ hand. He just didn’t want to let it go, we struggled for a while to get it, and I don’t even remember most of it because I was knocked out! “So maybe that epic fighting scene did happen!” “It still didn’t happen, you just tripped and knocked your head on a rock.” “ It still really hurt though.” I said with a gloomy tone. After all of that “fighting” we finally got the page! “YAY!” “WHOO!” We said together. “ We finally did it!” I said “We sure did!” Later that night we set up camp and ate dinner. Then I started thinking, “Is this the last time I am going to see Crazy Lady? I don’t want that. I wonder if Crazy Lady is thinking of this right now, maybe. “Hey Crazy Lady, can I ask you a question?” “Of course you can!” She said with a cheerful voice. “ I am happy that this is all over now, but I don’t want to leave you!” I couldn’t help it anymore, I just started to sob. “ Hey now, don’t cry I’m not going anywhere. We will have a bunch of more adventures together. I promise!” “ Re-really?” “Really, now come here and give me a big hug!” I did as she told and ran up to her in hugged her. 
“That is pretty much how the story ends, we now are each other's family, and we had a lot more adventures.”“Maybe someday way can make more stories.” “Yeah I would like that!” I said. “ Come on Susie lets get on writing more!” “ Okay Kit!” “I told you that Crazy Lady wasn’t my real name!” 

                                                    THE END.

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