Oct 24
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Modern Lord of the Flies

“At least we don’t have to wear uniforms anymore.” he says with a resigning sigh. The boys around him nodding along in agreement, stripping off what remains of their former uniforms, leaving them in only their cotton underpants. Everyone was calm, standing side by side in the burning sun, swaying slightly from the light breeze flowing over and around them. Looking at each other and shrugging, the boys continued to stand there, even as their bodies grew red and burns began to cover their bodies. The little ones were playing in the sand, trying to entertain themselves, while the big ones surveyed the surrounding area, looking for any sign of other people. There was no authority figure or adult to direct them back into the bus to avoid worsening their burns, the only adult that was present was the crazed bus driver who put them into this predicament in the first place. He now lay slumped halfway out of the windshield, glass coating his entire body like crystal snowflake kisses.

“What do we do now?” a small voice pipes up from the dirt. The crowd looks to one another once more, unease spreading quickly as no one spoke.

“I’m thirsty.” declares another. Nods of agreement disturb the still air, yet no action was being taken. Sweat trickles down their foreheads, slowly inching its way into their eyes and mouths, fueling the already growing desire for even just a sip of water.

“Well, we can see if the bus still works?” a voice offers tentatively. Hums of agreement fill the desert air and a parade of feet work their way back onto the bus.
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