Oct 24
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I feel alive when I'm snowboarding down the face of an unfamiliar mountain on a perfect winter's day. The snow is fluffy and it’s just cold enough to enjoy hot chocolate in the lodge. As I ride the lift, it begins to snow—just a little bit. I watch from above as skiers and snowboarders fly down the various trails, anticipating every twist and turn. Occasionally, someone takes a tumble. The distant snow-capped mountains seem to  multiply as the lift takes us higher. Before I know it, I'm at the top, deciding which route I should take on my descent. I’m not overly experienced, so I choose the blue square trail. It's clearly not a popular trail, which is a nice change. I go my own speed and enjoy the quiet while I can. I reach the bottom, and wipe the condensation from the inside of my goggles before the next run.
I don’t enjoy snowboarding at one place for a whole season, I like to explore new places. One exception, however, is Bolton Valley. That was where Iearned that skiing was not for me. Snowboarding, however seemed to “come naturally”, as my instructor said. My first snowboard was a rental, since my parents thought for sure it would be a phase. Now, I've got my own gear. My board features an image of a girl with windswept black hair and plump red lips. I could spend days at Bolton, as there is always a new trail, or jump, or trick to tackle and show to my friends. Though Bolton takes the cake for “favorite ski area”, I would have to admit that the time I felt the most alive was at Suicide Six, with my dad. He took me there on a school day, so we had virtually the entire mountain to ourselves. I remember being scared to try any trails besides the easy mile, but he told me that I could make it down the face. I was reluctant, but I knew that if anything happened, my dad would be right there to help me back up. So I took on the daunting face of the mountain (which seemed more like a cliff) and I felt alive.

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