Oct 24
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Some people make good decisions in life and some people make poor decisions. With that poor decisions even good people turn bad because of bad decisions. People that joined the KKK were a great example of people making bad decisions. 

One example of why KKK are bad is because they used the cross as a “weapon” to scare African Americans, Roman Catholics, Jews and other hated non white Anglo Saxon Protestant.  The KKK burned crosses during lynching, but the cross was used more to scare African Americans. “Crosses were burned not only at lynchings but also more generally to terrorize African Americans, Roman Catholics, Jews, and others hated by the Klan. As the Klan declined in the late 1920s and 1930s, intimidation became the primary but not exclusive use of the cross “. ( Robert A. Khan)    

Another example of why the KKK were bad was because they were complete racist freaks  because they targeted black people, and religion that they believed were “bad”. They were racist and didn't liked other religion because they never got the exposure, they were  white dudes with very much power and ruled everyone. “Black institutions such as schools and churches—symbols of black autonomy—were also targets for Klan attacks.” ( A&E Television Networks). 

    The last example that shows that joining the KKK was a bad decision was because they used their power in the wrong way. They did this by using the cross to threaten certain race or religion; they also couldn't be stopped so they killed people. They never thought about how what they were doing impacted the world in so manny ways.

    Racism, using the cross as a “ weapon” and abusing their powers were all things KKK were known for. They never understood how they impacted others and what it would feel like if they were one of the African Americans. It is obvious that the KKK abused their power in a bad way.
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