Oct 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Alive


“I feel alive when…”
When I'm in an open sunny field,
And I'm just spinning,
And the wind picks up so much it starts whistling in my ears,
Screaming a strange but beautiful song.
A giggle escapes me,
Light as a feather,
And it dances on the wind and circles around me,
Coaxing more beautiful bubbling laughter out of me.
Letting my shoulder relax.
Encouraging that beautiful smile to show itself.
Flinging my arms wide and going faster.
And when I fall over,
Not waiting even a second to catch my breath,
Jumping right back up agian to continue.
My hair gets all in my face,
But for once I don't brush it away.
Spinning around people,
Busy with their own problems because they don't think to spin.
Through leaf piles I spin,
Kicking up the leaves and letting them dance with me.
And finally,
Falling down.
And I'm still laughing.
I curl up in a ball a sob/ laugh.
And then I sit up,
My head spins a little bit,
But I feel so much better.
And in this way I feel so much more alive then I do any other time.