Oct 24
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The Perfect Day

The perfect day would start around 10 o’clock. When I wake up I will be fully rested. After I wake up I will spend half an hour on my phone. Than I would have a smoothie for breakfast around 10:30. After that I will start my day. I will where my favorite outfit. Then I will go to the mall and spend a few hours their. For lunch I will have a ham and turkey pnni that you dip in maple syrup, and some roasted red pepper soup from my favorite restaurant. After lunch I will come home and babysit a couple kids for 2-3 hours. Than it is time for dance class. The classes I will have are jazz and I will teach a couple baby dance classes too. That will end at about 8:00. Then i will come home for dinner. For dinner I will have a salad and some grilled chicken. I will go to bed at 10:00. That would be my perfect day. 
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