Oct 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Alive


the wind lashes at my hair and pulls at my clothes
bringing fresh oxygen to my lungs 

water ripples 
as the fish bob up to peek at me 

the warm summer rain starts kissing the treetops 
and softly caressing my face 

I tilt my head up 
to feel the drops on my skin 

letting the water run down my shirt
and puddle at my feet 

I feel alive 

I kick off my shoes and run
through the fields 

feet pounding 
caked with the earth's crumbly skin

going faster and faster
till I can't no more

my lungs ache 
and my legs are sore

but I feel alive

the words flow 
from my mind

wrapping me in a thick blanket
of couplets 

and covering my paper with letters
as the icy flakes begin to fall

I feel alive

I smell the sweet scent of flowers fill the air
as the blossoms shyly open their faces to the sky

I can see the mountains turned green 
with all the new leaves 

and I can hear the rivers all 
trying to overflow 
from all of the still melting snow 

and I feel alive.