Oct 25
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The Perfect Day

    I woke up and was so psyched, because I didn’t have to go to school! I walked down stairs to pour myself a bowl of Fruit Loops and was surprised to find 4 million dollars just sitting on the table. I texted my mom and said “I found 4 million dollars on the counter!” 

She texted back super fast, “No, you didn’t! That's impossible. I'm coming home.” 

I was sitting on the couch playing Xbox and she came squealing in the driveway and burst open the front door. Then she came zooming out of the mud room into the kitchen were she shouted, “You didn’t find that… oh my god.” My mom saw the money and she started to freak out. 

I said with confidence, “You can have 1 million dollars mom.” 

She replied with, “No way! Your lying to me.” 

Then I walked up to her and said, “Do you want it? Because I don't, It’s yours. Here!” 

She grabbed the money and started to cry “Thank you” she said with a sob.

After handing my mom 1 million dollars I walked into the backyard and called my dad. He said, “ I'm almost at your Mom’s house, I’ll get you and we can go to the new house and show Bern.”  

My dad pulled up and I exclaimed while jumping up and down, “You can have 1 million dollars.” Then we went home to show Bern and she was confused. She thought we were joking and it was fake. I told her that it’s real and she said, “How do I know?” 

I said, “ Look through it and see it’s not see through.” She finally believed us. I said to my dad, “Let's buy a Tesla” 

He looked at me and said, “I just got a new truck so let's buy a Lamborghini instead.” 

I said to my dad “Let's do it, we can drive to the dealership later.” As the day went on my dad and I stumbled upon the dealership. We were looking for a Lamborghini that's a 4 seater so we went to the bigger ones and found one. We found a Lamborghini Urus which was on sale for 250,000. My dad got it and we went cruisin’ on the road and I opened the glove box and found 10 million dollars in it. I just calmly told my dad, “Look.” he looked and had to pull over because he was freaking out.

My dad took me to my mom’s house later that night. My Mom said “ wanna go out to dinner?”

I said “Were?” 

She said “Somewhere expensive. Go get your brother and sisters.” 

Right here is were I thought we would be going to like taco bell. She drove pretty far and we went to Sushi Yoshi. This is the time I was freaking out like my brother and sisters because I thought it was a dream so I said “Mom is this real? Is today real?” 

She said, “Yeah it is, why” 

I said, “Because we found 14 Million dollars today.”

She said, “It’s pure luck we found it. Anyone else could have but we were chosen.” We went in and ate a bunch of food and the total was 800 dollars plus tip which was dollars 120 dollars.

It was a great day!

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