Oct 25
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A Day of Perfection

Perfection starts with a good amount of sleep 

Where the drowsiness in my eyes don’t make an appearance for the day.

Some movement in the morning that gets the heart racing

To remind myself that my body is capable of extraordinary things

And that it’s a privilege to be able to move the way I do. 

Then onto breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Where I can feed my body,

Fuel the soul,

And recharge for whatever’s to come ahead.

I prefer cloudy days over sunny days,

I don’t know why 

I just do.

Something about cloudy days that set a calming yet mysterious aura in the air.

A perfect day also consists of a trip out of my small town,

Breezing through the highway towards divertido.

Having some sort of adventure brings a sliver of thrill to my monotonous life.

The drive back from the trip is more laid back

Most of my energy diminished 

The moon making its presence known

And my perfect day,

Coming to an end.

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