Oct 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow
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Where the Leprechauns Play

At the end of the rainbow 
That’s where they are 
Once you get there 
It’s pretty bizarre 

The rainbow is brilliant 
It touches the sky. 
This is all here,
Yet pigs still can’t fly.

Leprechauns run around, 
They're annoying little things.
But I'm at the end of the rainbow, 
With rocks, moss, and springs.

It’s quite a peaceful place, 
But the happiness goes away
When those darn little dwarves 
Laugh and sing all day. 

I’m sick of the leprechauns. 
Their squeak makes me sick.
One falls down and cries, 
I say “Shut up little prick!”

I don’t want the gold 
I came here to steal.  
I just want to leave, 
Get away from the leprechaun shpiel. 

The rainbow’s end is terrible.
It’s totally stupid. 
Those little Irish men 
Are more Devil than Cupid.

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