Oct 25
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To Tell or Not to Tell

Ryan Malloy
She looks across the candlelit dinner

The man across from her smiles

She looks at his smile and notices something black

Something in his teeth

It looks like a piece of the salad he ordered

Probably a piece of lettuce

She looks at him and wonders whether to say something or not

As he goes on and on talking about God knows what

She can’t help but sit there and look at the dreadful thing in his teeth

She watches him, hoping in some way he will notice so she doesn’t have to say anything

She tries to give a subtle smile to what he was talking about 

Trying not to be distracted by the piece of food in his teeth

Finally he sips his drink, the food no longer there as he asks a question

She answers immediately and says “teeth”

With a confused look he just sat there and laughed, as they continued with their dinner.
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