Oct 25
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Perfect day

You wake up,

It’s quarter till nine. 

Birds are chirping on a warm summer's day. 

You crawl out of bed and feel completely awake.
It’s the perfect breakfast,

A ham and cheese omelet.
It’s time to get ready for the day,

Shorts and a t-shirt,

No need for shoes.

It’s a beach day anyways. 
You walk down to the beach,

It’s your only true home. 
A dip into the water,

building sandcastles. 

Relaxing on the tube 

a nap in the boat. 
It’s the entire day,

Not a single problem.
It’s seven thirty 

and time to go to the house. 

The day isn’t over 

it just turned dark. 
This means fires and s’mores,

Horror stories galore. 
Friends over,

and it’s still early. 

But it’s getting chilly. 

Inside the house is where we go. 
It’s the perfect day

Relax and just having a grand old time. 
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