Oct 27


it burns 
but it keeps you warm 

in the cold winter months
deep in the icy storms 

it keeps you alive 
and heats your homes 

it can rage across forests 
and burn fields to a crisp 

it can be cruel 
and unpredictable, yes

but it also can be tamed
made a lifelong friend

that cooks your eggs 
and warms your bread 

it can take everything you own 
in one fail blow

leaving you without your things 
and without your home 

but it can also bring new life 
to forest to big for young trees

it can burn 
if you are careless and dumb

much like all the mistakes one makes in love 

but it keeps you warm 
safe and sound if you know how to treat it

like any person your bound to meet 
treat them the way you would like to be treated
and when you fall 
most will help you back to your feet.