Oct 27

A letter to mon cher

Mon Cher,
Today was really nice.
I wish you appreciated things more.
If only you knew the amount of things I remember from every second I'm with you,
I never forget.
You always enjoy being with me,
But I'm the one who always says I had a good time.
I asked you to not steal my heart,
But you already had stolen it,
So you promised to keep it safe instead.
Please, please keep that promise.
Everyone I know knows it will so hard for me if we break up.
I can't imagine being alone again,
Especailly now,
When I've gotten used to being so happy all the time,
Being so full if creativity.
You are my world therefore, without you I have no known world.
I will have to find a new planet to inhabit.
Love you,
Your Queen.