Oct 28
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Dear Senate Majority Leader,

    There are clearly many things wrong with our country and society today. I could go on and on about all the problems and how to fix them and how to prevent further chaos and destruction. But instead, I am going to bring up one faulty thing in our government system. I would be grateful for you to rid our country of the gerrymandering. I am sure you know what gerrymandering is but in case the person who reads this first don’t here you go. Gerrymandering is the process of dividing regions of a city or state by population. This is a factor in how many electoral votes a state is permitted. However, what it is really used for is to split the region into democratic and republican parties. They are then weighed against each other and usually, one party comes out more prevalent than the other. This is how a state is pushed to either vote republican or democratic. I ask of you to bring this up to the house and congress and abolish it from our voting system. With this, we will have a more accurate voting outcome, which is what all of America wants. Thank you for reading and striving to make this happen. Good Luck.

A Student

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