Oct 28
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The Clearing

As I explore more of the deep dark forest in my backyard, I realize that I am completely lost, and I don’t know where to go. I try to retrace my steps back to where I entered, but I can’t remember and I get wounded up with no sense of direction. I walk around for a few more minutes and then give up hope. I crash on a rock next to a huge oak tree. I can feel the moss wettening my shorts but I don’t care, all I want is to go home. I hear birds chirping, and animals rustling around in the fallen leaves that are starting to turn deep dark orange. I start to feel a little more confident, and I stand up. I walk along a row of maple trees until I hear a raging river. As I walk closer and closer the sound of the current gets louder and louder. The river is about 6 feet long, with water as clear as glass. Then I look up and see a light coming through the trees and I remember walking in through that tunnel and seeing the river. I throw some rocks into the river and hop across, my feet are getting wet but all I need is to get to the clearing and feel safe again. I peek through the hole in the trees to see my backyard, the swing on the yellow sunshine porch and my dog laying on the light blue tiles near my pool. I’m glad that I found my home once again.

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