Oct 28
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The Walk

It was a dark windy summer night. I was at my friend's house late, till about 9:30. We both lived close to each other but the way I had to get back home was to go in a trail next to the dark scary woods. So when I went outside to leave it was really dark. I was kind of scared but I had a flashlight. I started to walk up the hill and got to the woods when I heard a noise. It wasn’t a normal-sounding noise, it was like a rustling but it made a really loud sound. I then began to walk faster. That was when my light went out. I paused for a second not knowing what’s going on. I was panicking so I began to run. I looked behind me and saw some kind of big shadow in the woods. The shadow was massive, around 15 feet long. I ran as fast as a lion after it’s pray when it has not eaten for weeks, as I tripped on a root. I get up and look around thinking that I lost it. Little did I know it was following me I keep running until I get to my street and finally I get home. I was relieved to be ok. I looked back and everything was pitch black. I thought to myself, “it was probably just a bear.”  but I still have no idea if it was or if it wasn't.

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