Oct 28
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The Bear army

My name is Max ve in Burlington Vermont, I go to Edmunds middle school, and I am thirteen years old. There is always this house I go by on the way to school that freaks me out. It is a tall teal house with a non-mowed lawn that has like 3-foot tall grass. You just feel like things are going to pop out of it. The windows are boarded up and covered with creepy white sheets. I was walking to the Market Thirty-two one night when I felt compelled to explore like something like A rope was pulling me there, I was a curious kid. I had always been. But I felt like I didn’t want to go in that place I got up to the front door and knocked. The door was the same color as the house and it was big. Nobody came to the door it was strange because I thought I heard something moving but maybe they were not home, but I went in, it was messy like super messy. I was like a bomb went off. I saw rotting food, dirty close knivesknifes and in what I thought was a bathroom a pool of blood. I went farther in and then I saw a stuffed bear on the ground, it was a decent size. It was brown and it looked like the eyes were following me. And then I see dozen of pares of eyes, I turn to go out the door, but the door closes and locks. I turn around and see ten more stuffed but they were not made out of fabric they were made out of human skin. I bang on the door but it doesn’t budge, I look back and see them moving towards me. The next day my parents were wondering where I was but there was no reason to look for me. I was now a small stuffed bear ready to take my next victim.

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