Oct 29
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I was running home from school, it had been a long day and I just wanted to get home, I was feeling so stressed from multiple things built up. A portion of my walk to and from school is in the woods. I have walked this walk so many times at this point I have memorized it so well, like the back of my hand. I jumped across the bubbling creek of cold crisp water and all of a sudden there is a new path, a path I had never seen before. Sun was beaming through it felt like it was blinding me. How could I not check it out? So I skipped down the new path and popped out into a big sunny flowery meadow, it was like nothing ever before. It seemed like the grass was sparkling and the little yellow buttercup flowers beamed from the light. As I kept walking the path stopped, but I kept going, I couldn't stop. The warm feeling of the sun on my skin after being in school all day was one of the best feelings ever. As I walked further I began to make my own trail as my white converse patted down the smooth lush grass underneath my feet. Once I got a little further I sat down, and I just ended up sitting there for hours it felt like (aka 30 mins) with the sun shining down on me in the middle of the meadow. And my mind was just blank, all I can remember thinking about was how I was feeling, so relaxed, the most relaxed I had felt in a while. So now every day when I walk home from school I hop over the creek and skip down to my favorite place ever.
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