Oct 29
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One Friday afternoon I was walking home from school as I hear faint noises that seemed to be coming from people in the distance I turn. I was a little surprised because I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees. But as the people got closer I notice they are kids, around my age and they were yelling run. And then I saw this huge thing in the sky It looks like some kind of huge jet. And then I noticed huge missile-like things dropping from it and when it hit the ground, it exploded. I decided to join the group of kids I led them to my house, we waited for a while until the sounds died down. We were about to go outside when a kid named Hunter jumped in front of the door and said do you hear it. Hear what I replied shhh he said, It appeared to be some sort of a buzzing sound. I looked out the window and I saw it a plane headed our way. The only thing I could think of that was safe and that had resources was a secret bunker about a half a mile into the woods. So I led the kids out the back door and into the woods and when we looked back boom my house was gone. That was 4 days ago and we still haven't found the secret bunker we all traveled back to town on Sunday, there were no people in sight and we have been living in the woods ever since that Friday. And have been serving off berries and fruits.
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