Oct 29
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I Dare You

It was Halloween night, 11 o’clock and I was lost in the woods, my heart was beating so fast I was sure anything that was out there could hear it. My hands were shaking, they were cold and clammy.

Everything around me was silent except for the occasional gust of wind that would send a shiver up my spine. A branch cracking behind me made me jump, the feeling of being alone started to disappear but was replaced with an even worse feeling, a feeling that someone or something was watching me.

My phone had died hours earlier so I couldn't call anyone, all I could do was wait. Wait until someone noticed I was gone and wait until they sent someone looking for me but who knows what time it is now. I thought about earlier at Payton’s house, why did I agree to this? I could have just said no when the white screen popped up with small letters reading: spend a night in the woods alone. 

Again a branch snaps in the distance then without any warning something grabs my arm, pulling me off balance. I scream, now everything goes silent. No wind, no sound at all, nothing. I'm able to convince myself that it was just a branch and I overreacted I decide I should get to somewhere I can sleep, If I sleep the night will be over quickly so I pull myself up, I look around cautiously but see nothing out of the ordinary so I walk towards a spot under a big spruce tree.     

When I get there I sit down on a bed of fallen leaves, as I start to drift off to sleep, I think this isn't so bad, I was just being paranoid. I'm not sure how long I was sleeping for but I started to wake up when I felt something brush my arm, at first when I opened my eyes I had no idea where I was, but then memories from hours earlier started to come back. I look around and see nothing, it was probably just a leaf, I think to myself. I start to drift off, and again, something touches my arm but this time harder. My eyes fly open just in time to see a shadow dart behind a tree. I get up to investigate, as I stand up I’m knocked off balance before I can gather myself suddenly again I am flying in the air, there's a feeling like when you get hit hard in the stomach with a kickball    I bring my hand to my head, when I take my fingers away they're wet with my blood, my vision goes blurry- 

The next morning her mom goes to wake her up and she’s not there. Her mom calls her friends and no one knows where she is. She calls the police and they end up searching the woods. They find Anna dead, hung in an old tree deep into the woods. Still to this day, no one knows what happened to Anna that night.   

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