Oct 29
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The Haunted House

The abandoned house across the street always gives you the creeps. You always hear weird noises from that house and see movements from the windows that you can’t explain. Eventually you build up enough courage and decide to explore the house. You open the door and it creaks loudly. You look inside and it looks like the house has been deserted for over 100 years. Cobwebs everywhere, old paintings, a big piano, and a grandfather clock that seems to still be working. You explore the insides of the house and find a basement and don’t even think about going down there. So you head upstairs slowly and get startled by the grandfather clock going off and notice that it hits midnight. You freeze for a moment and then BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Four loud and fast footsteps. You bolt downstairs and check upstairs. No one there. 

“Hello?” you eventually shout, no one answers. Your frozen in your tracks, not knowing what to do. Eventually you start to head upstairs  but with caution. When you get upstairs you see a series of doors but at the end of the hall, you see one big door slightly cracked open. You make your way down the hall and notice that it sounds like footsteps following behind you. You slowly turn around and there it is. You don’t know what it is but you know it’s staring at you and wants you out. You bolt for the door at the end of the hall and notice a window you can escape out of. You can see your mom outside calling your name.

“Billy, Billy where are you?” she shouts.


You fall quiet and here slow footsteps coming towards you. Thump… Thump... Thump… You’re frozen, alone and scared as you see a pair of eyes. Just staring and smiling at you. You quickly jump out of the window breaking it and run towards your mom and you look back and still see it, just staring. 

It’s been 2 months. You’re moving out of this cursed town and that house still haunts you till this day. You take one last look at the house before you leave and there it is. The shadow. Still staring with its glowing eyes and creepy smile. It takes one last wave at you before you drive off into the city.

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