Oct 29
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The Kidnaping Forest.

I press the button right above my head that opens the trunk, a swift breeze of cold air blows through the back of my car. My dog is so excited and jumps out before the trunk is fully open. I grab the black puffy coat sitting in the tan leather passenger seat, as I realize I'll be needing it after all. I open the door and swing my legs out. My thin calves and thighs instantly go cold, and? not even thick, black leggings can keep them warm. I step out of my new white car. I zip up my bright yellow sweatshirt and my black puffy coat. I hook my dog up to her leash and walk out into the beautiful red, yellow and sprinkles of light green woods. I begin to walk down the path of crunchy sticks and leave. I wish that they were crisper, but they’re not quite as crisp and crunchy as they will be in a few weeks. I continue to walk until I can't see the sun beaming off the car, and I then unclip my dog and let her fun free as I continue to walk, the bitter cold air bites my pale nose and plump cheeks. I put in my earbuds and click the cord into my phone. I press my weak, cold and dry thumb into the home button and punch in my password. When my phone unlocks I press play on my playlist and hold my phone in my pocket. I see my dog pop out from behind a tree and quickly switch directions, and very quickly run out of my sight. I close my eyes and do a little dance move with my feet to the beat of the song playing. As I dance and spin down the path, I pick up my phone to skip an ad. I look up in the corner of my phone and see the time. I quickly stop the ad and put my headphones in my pocket not even caring that they get so knotted and tangled in the process. I need to be in a class in 10 minutes.
I call out my dogs name, my walk starts to slowly turn into a run. My voice has become much louder as I consistently call out her name. In my peripheral vision, I see what looks like my dog. I turn around to see it completely still on the ground. I think that she must be so tired and laid down for a minute until I caught up. When I walk over I'm surprised that she doesn't jump right up. The silence kills me. All of my childhood I had to take care of myself alone in my house, and there would be months I would go without saying one word. The second I went to live with my aunt and uncle, I wouldn't stop talking and I still haven’t. I shake my dog. She doesn't move. I put my hand on her warm, soft side and feel for a heartbeat. I have a feeling that I know why she’s not moving, but I chose to not believe it. I keep feeling around, I feel right under her right front leg. No heartbeat. A few warm teardrops fall down my cold cheeks. I try to hold back the tears from pouring out, a sharp pit forms in my throat. 
I look down her body and see a small amount of blood on her thigh. I push the hair around it in two different directions and see a small prick on her skin, it looks lie a needle had been poked into her.  I know I’m not alone. 
I stand up and look back at my phone another teardrop falls. Landing directly on my phone. I need to be back in my car. How the heck can I just leave my sweet puppy laying on the ground dead? A rush of anger flows up my arms. What kind of sick person kills an innocent dog? More and more questions flow through my brain. I start to 

 I get up and start to run. My weak knees and legs don't do well. My heart pounds. I see were robots of a large maple tree have taken over the path. I jump up to avoid tripping over them but as I land my ankle twist. I sit there for a minute in sheer pain. I hear a ruffle in the leaves. Then I hear loud distinct footsteps. I whip my head around to only to see complete blackness as
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