Oct 29
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Don't look left. Don't look left. Don't look left. I thought to myself as I hurried down the street. Almost past it. Don't look left. Don't look left. I looked left. Crap. I don’t know why I even came down this street anyway. This isn’t the only route home from school. I stopped right in front of the rusty gate and stared. Same old, same old. It was a huge estate with vines crawling up the red brick walls. The windows, stained with dirt and dust, cracked from a harsh winter. Something about it always gave me the creeps. And bad dreams for that matter. But then something happened. It was so quick, I could've sworn it was my imagination. A shadow. Someone passing behind one of the windows. I took a step back, startled but then crept closer to get a better look. There it was again! A dark shadow sliding across the window and then it stopped. Then I thought I saw a head turn to stare right at me. I stumbled back into the street, turned and started running home. Once the house was out of sight and my legs were tired I stopped, only to be ambushed by a hundred questions that had suddenly entered my thoughts. Who was that? Did they see me? One thing was for sure, I was thoroughly scared.
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